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Vintage Flannel Shirts Wholesale

At Vintage Wholesale Store, each wholesale order will provide a wide range of vintage flannel shirts in differing brands, colours, sizes and styles. Customers are able to select their desired total quantity, ranging from 5-20kg.

What can I expect to receive?

Typically, when placing a wholesale order for vintage flannel shirts, you will receive a wide range of flannel shirts, both branded and unbranded. Some popular brands tend to be L.L Bean, Wrangler, St John's Bay and Pendleton. These brands of course, can be harder to come by due to their popularity.

When placing an order, you can expect to receive a wide array of flannel shirts, in terms of whether they are branded or unbranded, as well as the size, style and colours. Most of the flannel shirts will be dated from anywhere between the 1970s, up to the 2000s.

Our team of graders will do their very best to ensure you receive a varied mixture. We will do our best to ensure all of the flannel shirts are Grade A, however due to the large volume of orders, please allow for a small margin of error. 


Vintage Flannel Shirts

The shirt that remains synonymous with America and today American vintage clothing. Popularised firstly during the American industrial revolution, the need for resilient workwear brought flannel clothing into the mainstream. Flannel clothing provided workers protection from the arduous work and difficult weather conditions. Advertisements and images from the media began to showcase workers, whether on the railroads or agriculture, wearing flannel shirts and workwear.

Fast forward to the 1990s, the flannel shirt saw another boost in popularity, however this time from the grunge music scene that was sweeping America. Iconic bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins put their own spin on the flannel shirt, with a loose fitting, often layered and thrashed.

Today, the flannel shirt has become a mainstay of the fashion industry, almost as ubiquitous as the white t-shirt. In the world of vintage, flannel shirts have become integral to people's wardrobes, which doubles up in terms of practicality and versatility.


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